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Surprise the family Kirkorov

As the singer reacted to the emergence of an adult "daughter"

During a concert in Rostov-on-don, Philip suddenly found out that he has a grown daughter. She made her way to the stage, and photographed with the artist, and handed him the crown with the inscription "Best dad".

When Philip moved away from the shock, revealed the following. 23-year-old Bank employee and a longtime devoted fan of the singer, she even heads his fan club in the city. A few years ago, in honor of his idol, Anna's the name come from Rostov, has changed its name quite common on Kirkorov.

"She's a very brave man, took a step to change his fate, after changing the name, and change my entire life. My initials laid down the code, but how it works in another person..." — commented the man.

According to the girl, the new name allowed her to completely change your life and bring good fortune.

the daughter, Phillip Kirkorov


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