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Olga Buzova all the money spent on the treatment of his grandmother

Mother celebrities spoke about the problems in the family

To stop the rumors about the commercialism of Olga Buzova decided her mother. Recently Olga is rapidly making a career in show-business, concerts, videos, advertising, continues to drive and expensive gifts from fans, it's clear that the girl is far from being poor. However, according to Irina Alexandrovna, the mother of Olga, such an accumulation of funds not out of greed, and the desire to help his beloved grandmother, who suffers from who knows what. The elderly woman doctors can't diagnose, but because she feels very bad that her relatives are trying to give us something to please.

"The girl came on stage and everyone began to worry — no voice, no looks, can't dance, but sings. And you want it, and she gets off on this", — reported in the media the words of the insider.

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