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Stars congratulated the smartest students

Graduation balls in the Moscow region died down last week, but the gold medalists were honored on the day. For them in the Odintsovo district also held a ball, which was attended by not only students, but also celebrity

All the star guests walked the red carpet, where they were surrounded medalists who want to make a photo for memory. Looking at yesterday's schoolchildren, some celebrities even shed a tear, but someone remembered about his youth.

Skater Irina Slutskaya admitted that she had no graduation medals because she just didn't finish my studies until the 11th grade. Although by the time she got many awards in figure skating.

Dmitry Dibrov remembered your graduation. "It was the 76th year. This Rostov-on-don. It's a river steamer and, of course, is crimplene dresses. Unlike today's graduates, then dresses and sewed mom. We are well aware that I will never see you. Saying good-bye forever, — said the presenter. Since classmates I haven't seen. A couple can be met in all these years. And it was the only night we could absolutely legitimate not to come home at night, because under socialism it was not customary to walk at night. At least in the professors ' families." Dmitry graduated from high school without a medal, which, however, did not prevent him to achieve success in life.

Звезды поздравили самых умных школьников

Polina Gagarina helped cut a huge cake and told the movers a lot of compliments. And told how hard she was given in school exact nuciforo: Tatiana Sergeeva

Singer Polina Gagarina has not only helped cut a huge cake, but also talked about the progress. "As in physics for 11th class to "five"? Well, chemistry is still all right. But in geometry? Will reveal to me this secret? — smiling, asked Polina Gagarina the medalists. — This is a disaster! I said, "Go with God. And promise me you're never going to have physics, chemistry, algebra and geometry“. And I said, "I Solemnly swear!" I put the "Quartet" and released".

"I was the homecoming dance. It's a complete delight, a sense of celebration, the happy faces, — said daughter Catherine Strizhenovoj Alexander, who along with Mikhail Dorojkin led the ceremony. The most I have prom until next year. The year I graduated on the "four" and "five". Next going to go to the Department of Economics, in depth study math. I study in Economics and mathematics class studying in-depth Economics, mathematics, English, social studies."

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