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Matveev greatly diminished in weight

Actor scares fans with her thinness

Recently Maxim Matveev increasingly appears in the new images and their social networks, and in public. After its release at the premiere of the film "Blockbuster", dressed in loose clothes, shaved almost at zero and greatly emaciated, the fans sounded the alarm.

I am full of gratitude and happiness!! Show #Kynaston in Jeffrey Hatcher in the @teatr_tabakova rented! The topics that this show is very dear to the heart and they want to talk, be silent, rejoice, relive!! To survive with the whole team!!! Thank you @teatr_tabakova personally A. S. Stulneva!! Thank you @episarev for your side of the story and the character!! You the shit go!!! Those moments when our thoughts and the visions situations, character match, akin to a mini-orgasms!! And there were so many!! Hurray!!! Separate THANKS to my enthusiasm, admiration #Annanicolesmith you are a genius and your work with text, analysis, the senses gave us all an incredible sense of dignity and flying!!! Thank you albert Alberts and Alexander Konnikova-you gave me a new beautiful world of expression!! How great it is when the same attitude!! Thank you #Snowymurray for space, #КarlisLacis for the music #Maryganova for the costumes and style! You are gods!!! Thank you to all the partners @chi_pa @evgeniaborzikh @kirillrubtsov @rykovpetr #mikhailkasyanov #vitalievar #anastasiamalave @pashashevando #altercation , #Olenegonka , #Maksimkov , #vladislavleonov , #drapetsona , #alienarena , #vasilopitta , #izabeladre , #alexandrien , #alexandrkozhin , #anastasiabalueva , #alexandramannen , #Nikitovka , #alexeytsev , #vasilievab , to be with you on one stage is incredible fun!!! You can move mountains!!! The feeling of total concentration and attention to what we did - well worth it!! I wish everyone good luck, a new and interesting roles!! Love each and everyone!!! Thanks personally to each employee of all services, assistant Director #ludmilaushakova and #margarita.gaponova, makeup Department, costume shop, music, staging You are all together and everyone separately!! Thank you for your thrill, attention and attitude!! We did it together!!! Hurray!!! Well, in September, the official premiere - 6,7,21,22...Wait!!!

Publication of Maxim Matveev (@maxim_matveev_) Jul 1 2017 6:41 PDT

Some of them think that the actor is sick, but due to certain circumstances hide it. But the actor claims that losing weight is necessary for one of the new roles in theater.

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