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Elizaveta Boyarskaya: "I like a girl none of the boys did not perceive"

Today it is considered one of the most beautiful Russian Actresses, happily married with Maxim Matveev and a son. But, it turns out, it was not always so

"I went through a serious teenage complex because I like a girl none of the boys did not take — says boyar. — Be friends with me, he turned to me for advice, took to the company, could have fun, laugh, but at the same time, though, I fell in love more than once, mutual love in high school, I was not. Maybe because at that age I was awkward, had braces. It seemed to me, I don't worry that it's not painful, but nevertheless was quite closed".

In the end, the mother decided to send young Lisa in a fashion school, and it pushed the girl to think about her acting career: "I was thirteen years old. There, although it was a fashion trend that took everyone who paid, even if you weighed a hundred pounds. And I must say, these classes gave me confidence and boosted my confidence. Perhaps from that moment I began to think about what I'm interested in the scene, and before even imagine such could not. From hesitation. Although in the film the mother walked constantly and I loved it all, but these three months of training is very much pushed to the first step on the scene."

At home and on stage

For thirty years Lisa Boyarskaya such a track record of serious work in films and on stage she knew it almost everyone in our country, it is absolutely not appealing to big name. But to her family is no less important. Despite all the talk about divorce, Boyarskaya and Maksim Matveev still together, raising a son Andrew. About this couple can say they met — water and stone, ice and flame...

Елизавета Боярская: «Меня как девушку никто из мальчишек не воспринимал»

Elizaveta Boyarskaya married to Maxim, Matveevitch:

"On the one hand, I am light and peaceful, and Maxim temperamental and quick-tempered, but easily appeased. On the other hand, I can go into a frenzy and go crazy for a particular account, and Maxim in this plan quieter. We all have very different qualities, and that's what we wanted to achieve in "Anna Karenina" that it was not unambiguous characters, they say, he is good and she's bad, she's a victim, he is the executioner. Every day a person can change due to circumstances. A kind of tragedy can make a huge impression, and, conversely, to empty. At the same time, the detail, the nuance can disrupt the head and permanently damage the relationship. Anyone overwhelmed by the variety of feelings, noble and mean, light and dark at different periods of time. For example, a kid crying in the airplane, I usually evokes sympathy and tenderness, because I am a mom myself, but sometimes I really want to keep him quiet".

It is believed to exist two actors is very difficult. However Boyarskaya and Matveev refute this opinion.

"If I come home exhausted, I sent to rest, and after a night shift no one will be forced to carry a child in the garden or to cook. And because we with Maxim again are inside the same profession, you know how you can get tired after a performance and what is easy and difficult, says Elizabeth. — I face the incoming husband immediately understand what his mood and, accordingly, whether to continue evening the three of us, podela something interesting, or he needs to rest, and I'll do something with the child. We each other very well we feel."

About the age

It is believed that thirty years — a kind of hell, after which a person's life changes dramatically. The boyar to his age is easy, accepting, and understanding it.

"When I was approaching thirty she was in awe, I also thought it was a milestone. But when he passed, nothing has changed. Each person has an internal age. I was self harmoniously to feel about twenty-eight, corresponding to real numbers. Even at sixteen, didn't feel very young, has never been a frivolous girl. And now, when I have already formed my worldview and understanding of the profession and even had my own family with our climate, I don't feel any worries about age. In a professional sense might be some anxiety, if I had little since that time. But, ugh-ugh, a lot of what happened in theatre and film. I hope that this will continue".

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