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Natalie Storm released the diagnosis Aspen

The singer told how he tried to help a friend

Girlfriend Evgeniya Osina, singer Natalia Shturm, wrote in her "Instagrame" the story of his attempts to help the actor recover. Recall that recently Osin told reporters that he has two left feet and for healing he needs surgery. Natalia said in a previous post that it needs to be treated from years of alcoholism.

"Today was a tough day, the doctors 8 hours trying to persuade Zhenya to go to the hospital for examination" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. says: Storm in his microblog.

"His phone is cut off the TV, promising the fees, but not in order to help with the treatment, and to use patient artist for one-off shots and throw as waste material. Called "friends" who were ready to rush to "save" from doctors", — said the singer.

"I brought doctors, all paid for, ready for a private room in a private hospital — my Wife only had to walk to the Elevator and go down with us in the car... you know how much money sent to him by fans on the "pseudo-treatment"? Only 200 rubles!" — says Natalia. At the end she added that the doctors gave Aspen a diagnosis of "cirrhosis of the liver and not only.

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