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Lena Lenina became "the Best daughter of the year"

Mother editor-in-chief burst into tears seeing her gift

We decided to present our editor-in-chief Lena Lena the title of "Best daughter of the year". Over the past year the writer has twice pleased my mother, gave her a new home in the suburban town of Marseille in the Kaluga road, and recently realized the dream of my mother's life — a house by the sea in Greece. Not all of us can boast not only of such generosity and concern, but just what we all can do for our parents. But once they gave us life.

Mama Lena is a former Soviet researcher would never have permitted himself that luxury if not successful and loving daughter. Her new gift is on the beach, forty steps to a private beach, composed of: living room with kitchen, three floors, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, four terraces and garden where the new owner will grow the fruit trees. Not to bring too much happiness to mom immediately, Lena first put a parent in a five-star hotel next door and pamper her Spa treatments, massages, fashion boutiques and seafood restaurants. And while my mom enjoyed the stay, the daughter in a hurry to finish the renovation, design and purchase of furniture. And after a few days of bliss at the highest level gave the goddess the keys to the new house. Seeing the mansion, Lena's mom burst into tears and thanked not your daughter, and God, that she is so lucky with children.

Funny mascot new home was the nest, which platted swallows, while Lenin was engaged in efforts on the design of the house. It is noteworthy that on the eve of "giving a gift" in the nest hatched Chicks. They say it's to happiness and health in your new home.

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