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Glory showed subscribers their five year old daughter

37-year-old singer admitted that was very tired

Popular singer Fame has decided to please the subscribers of the fresh photo with your child. However, the reason for this was not the most iridescent: the daughter and the Glory complained to his followers that all summer she has 4 days off, so the strength and health to the limit. The only consolation — five year old Antonina, which helps the singer to relax and forget the problems and stress. A pastime outside the city will help the star to improve their health, because, as noted by fans of the Glory, there's no better medicine than a vacation with the family in nature.

All summer 4 scattered days to the limit.I'm so tired.

Publication of SLAVA (@nastya_slava) Jul 6 2017 8:13 PDT

Recall that Slanevskaya Antonina is the daughter of the singer from the civil husband, businessman Anatol Danilinho, who is older than his lover for 28 years.

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