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Natalia Shturm: "Oh, this is not an easy job, from a bog to drag the hippopotamus"

Evgeny Osin accuses an old friend in PR on his illness

Singer Natalia Shturm on his page in the social network told the whole truth about the disease Evgeniya Osina. According to her, all the troubles of the contractor from alcoholism and bad company, with whom he contacted. Words Natasha very similar to the truth, just remember that six months ago, Aspen was robbed casual visitors, which the singer invited me to his home.

Sturm urged fans not to help the Wife with money because they go for the purchase of the bottle, not for treatment. The singer arrived to an old friend with a team of doctors, and tried to send Eugene to the clinic to be treated for alcoholism, but he refused. Moreover, according to Aspen Storm PR on his illness and talks about his stories. Like, he never drank, to help him Natalia tried, and brought some of the first doctors. And cash help the singer took over from Boris grachevskogo.

Now Natalya is forced to justify his actions. 51-year-old star of the 90s says that it is ready to continue to help his Wife if he wants. "Oh, this is not an easy job, from a bog to drag the hippopotamus", — commented on the Storming of the situation. Her followers agreed with her: "Yes, especially when the Hippo wants", "Eugene has long been mired in a swamp and not notice."

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