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Maxim Galkin parodied Vladimir Zhirinovsky

The comedian made fun of politics and show-off stars

Maxim Galkin has decided to remember his youth and the program "Dolls", in which he brilliantly copied the voices of politicians and their way of speaking. Sitting in a private plane, the comedian decided to parody of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and on behalf of the leader of the liberal democratic party denounced the Russian stars in ugly craving for luxury. According to him, rappers are supposed to ride buses, and people's artist together with these people on trains, not to fly with utmost comfort.

In the middle of the diatribes I hear a question: why is Vladimir Zhirinovsky enjoys a private plane? This showman on behalf of Zhirinovsky says that the ship is not his, but belongs to the party. Thus, the Maxim suggests that business policies are often at odds with the words.

Publication of Maxim Galkin | Official (@maxgalkinru)Jul 7 2017 9:11 PDT

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Maxim Galkin, parody, private jet


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