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What gifts stars give to their moms.

Editor-in-chief — about what to surprise your loved ones for free

Mom is a goddess for every child, no matter how much the little child. Those who are not lucky with your mom, unhappy people are someone's mother an alcoholic or drug addict. But even they and their children of the demigoddesses. And the billionaires of the goddess in General can be a simple women. And they listen to them, no matter what the financial or social heights nor the children have achieved. So, was the legendary famous reproachful phrase moms billionaire nineteenth century Savva Morozov: "in the past, Sawochka, only I knew you're such a fool, and now whole of Moscow in the course." And she is a respected person has said publicly. Goddesses can do anything. So lucky for those who have a good, respectable goddess. And how nice these goddesses to love, to spoil and to bestow, when the opportunity presents itself. And this is the rare case where it's better to give than to receive gifts.

Какие подарки звезды дарят своим мамам

First Lena Lenina and bought a house in the middle of Podmoskovie:

I recently decided to claim the Lenin prize "Daughter of the Year" because he thought I was a goddess for one year, just get rich: buy a house in the suburbs of Moscow, on the Kaluga highway, in the village of Marcel, and the house by the sea in Greece. But no sooner had the mother so happy, and I feel proud of how it turned out that many of my stellar friends and colleagues also make generous donations to their gods and goddesses.

Какие подарки звезды дарят своим мамам

And then - a mansion on the seafront in Graziotto:

So, my friend Prokhor Chaliapin yesterday he took his goddess Elena in Sochi for a month to relax in the cool five-star hotel and Spa. And the singer Valeria recently gave the goddess her one-bedroom apartment in Moscow, not far from their. And Olga Buzova presented their goddess Irina apartment in Saint Petersburg with views of the Moika river. And Nastasya Samburski their goddess house gave in the Saratov region. And Grigory Leps gave his goddess Natelle two-bedroom apartment in Sochi. And Philip the fair gave his God Bedros on the 80th anniversary Grand benefit performance with the stars. A footballer's wife Kerzhakov his goddess Natalie was presented by Bentley. In General, stellar companions with pleasure showered with gifts of their gods.

Call mom and tell her that you love her. It's free.

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