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Stars remember what a vacation watched like a celebrity back to my childhood

Children will love the movie no less than adults, so it is not surprising that they are the festivals where you go to a serious star. But if the scene — children's health, the star guests at once there is a reason to remember what a real vacation.

On the picturesque black sea coast was seen Andrei Sokolov, who came with her daughter Sonia, Ivan Kokorin, star of TV series "kadetstvo" and "the Law of the stone jungle" Aristarchus of wines, Arthur Copalnic, Evgeny Pronin, Denis Nikiforov and others.

Звезды вспомнили, что такое каникулы

Catherine Spitz introduced his son Herman with the legend of the Soviet cinema of Basil, Lanouette: materials of press-services

Catherine Spitz arrived in the Crimea together with his son Herman. The boy was a very active child and wanted to explore all around. He also loved trips to the beach, so star the mother had to constantly monitor her son. However, she also could swim in the sea, because in the difficult task of combining work and leisure at the festival, Kate was helping her mother, who also came with her daughter. It should be noted that Spitz has demonstrated the incredible skill of swimming breaststroke.

However, talents in the field of navigation showed other stars. One of these days they took part in the "Aquashow". During competitions, the stars swam astride a crocodile, rowing in the same boat and rescued each other. The captain of the team was Andrei Sokolov, who fought valiantly for first place along with other participants, and in the end, his team shared the first place with a team of the best young swimmers in the camp. This situation, however, was not satisfied with Sokolova, so he proposed a test contest swim in different styles. In the end, the team took second place. However, some of my colleagues saw the loss of the influence of the overly restrictive nature of the actor Alexander Adabashyan. He was sitting on a jury and, according to some, was given command points.

Звезды вспомнили, что такое каникулы

The stars of "Real boys" and Valentina Mazunina Mariya Skornicka was under the protection of polizeistaat: materials of press-services

"We have a few girls on the team, they're tired," tried to save the situation the falcons. "If you have little girls, it's your problem" — in his characteristic manner, retorted Adabashyan.

By the way, ran the chorus of fans of people's artist Yuri Chernov, who admitted that floats few and rare, but in the winter skiing. Therefore, in the event he chose only the coaching job with the fans.

But the actress Evelina Bledans first time in many years took part in the competition. And, of course, supported her son Simon, who was very ill for my mother in the stands.

A lot of fan love during his stay and got stars of the movie "Real boys" Skornicka Maria and Valentina Mazunina. Girls combined master-classes for children with a hike to the beach and autographs to fans.

Звезды вспомнили, что такое каникулы

Even on vacation Edgard Zapashny did not miss the opportunity to meet with two cubs, one of which was named after the famous dressirovka: materials of press-services

"I, fortunately, was not burned, because I have recently this way too seriously. I was terribly burned on the set of the film "Bitter" in Gelendzhik. I just fell asleep on the recliner, and I have exactly half of the face was red. We laughed so hard. But it was wildly painful and ugly. So I watch it and always smeared with cream," — said Valentina Mazunina.

However, hot weather is not scared and another participant of the festival — Edgard zapashnogo who went to lions Park along with actress Natalia Gromova. Edgard was amazed at how calmly the Creator of the Park was done with lions: stroked them, talked like best friends. Because these animals were not trained.

Звезды вспомнили, что такое каникулы

If not for the quick reaction of Nikolai Drozdov, stag beetle certainly would have trampled during the ceremony, otkritite: materials of press-services

"I have seen a lot, but this is the first time" — surprised Zapashny. Interestingly, two cubs reserve called the names of the guests of the festival: Natasha and Edgard. No less love for our younger brothers showed and host of "world of animals" Nikolai Drozdov. During the opening ceremony of the festival Nicholas suddenly noticed a stag beetle that crawled directly into the site where there supposed to be a representation. Fear, as if the insect is not trampled, thrushes jumped up from his seat and saved the bug in just a few moments before the ceremony. Saved insect Drozdov put it in his pocket, and after some time, a solemn releasing the beetle into the wild in the Crimean forests.

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