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Svetlana Medvedev came to the cinema with Naina Yeltsina

Together with the once first lady of Russia at the premiere of one of the cartoons was seen Valeria, Iosif Prigozhin, Rodion Gazmanov and Ivan Okhlobystin and other stars

Since then, subsided as the festival of passion, social life in Moscow froze. On a rare premiere comes almost no one except the filmmakers, even more rare parties does not appear at all no one. For example, recently at a charity auction, which was held in a very prestigious institution, did not come even the owner of the institution. And this is understandable. If in previous years, when there was extreme heat in Moscow somehow were any celebrities hiding in the cottages from the heat, in this summer rain, cold and rummaged escaped to warmer climes, it seems, everything. So in the near future the whole society pages will be shown exclusively on social networks.

Judging by the presence in the audience of men with special communication devices in the ears, it could be assumed that waiting for someone is very important. Important persons were Naina Yeltsin and Svetlana Medvedev. Svetlana Romanova and Naina talked to each other, with the crew and along with the entire audience stayed to the end of the cartoon.

Светлана Медведева пришла в кино с Наиной Ельциной

Joseph Prigogine and Valerianne Avramenko

Valeria came to the premiere with her husband Joseph Prigogine, however, on the track came one. But the calls are persistent photographers inspired producer, and he joined his wife. On the track Joseph so much that he subsequently was even in the frame with the film crew, and photographers have had to solicit him to take a seat in the hall.

Светлана Медведева пришла в кино с Наиной Ельциной

Valery Rodion Getmenuhandle Avramenko

The number of people willing to take a picture of Valery not only alone, but with him was very large. In disbelief, the audience attacked the singer with phones at the ready. For those wishing to make a selfie with the star was joined by Rodion Gazmanov.

Светлана Медведева пришла в кино с Наиной Ельциной

Svetlana Medvedev and Viktor Avramenko Keikahanui

In the secular bustle can get very unexpected pictures. People may not have any plans on sharing photos, but everything was that way. In any case, now the composer Viktor Chaika has a photo where he, along with Svetlana Medvedeva.

Светлана Медведева пришла в кино с Наиной Ельциной

Ivan Okhlobystin with sinomenine Avramenko

Ivan Okhlobystin came to the premiere without wife Oksana, but all children. While the older sedately their seats, Ivan Ivanovich in the company of the son Sava led a small talk.

Valeria, Ivan Okhlobystin, Iosif Prigozhin, Rodion Gazmanov, Svetlana Medvedev, Naina Yeltsina


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