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New choice of ex-wife Peskov younger than her 11 years

Steam does not hide his feelings from the public

The ex-wife of the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov Catherine Solotsinsky recent years, lives and works in Paris. There she directs the Russian centre of science and culture, but in Russia it periodically comes, the more that Moscow, as recently revealed, lives and operates her new choice.

Held by turns on holidays all the children today sent home to rest our beloved nanny Ilona. The flight to Lviv with a stopover in Warsaw. Call from the airport - the flight took only those who are flying to Warsaw, and all the transients without any explanation left in Paris. Said they would change the tickets maybe tomorrow, maybe on another date.. no apology, No offer to pay for a hotel, or a taxi.. Well, here's how you can treat people like this?? And if a person has something important, and it is vital to be on this day?? I think with the Europeans, or the Americans they wouldn't dare treat! It's a shame and it is not clear from whom to demand apology and compensation

Publication from Katya (@zazerkatye) Jul 9 2017 11:45 PDT

In his company Catherine appeared at the capital social event, and photos can be seen on Instagram, the ex-wife of the Russian diplomat. "Don't be afraid to change your life if you do not like it! All we have now is a result of the decisions we made in the past. In 40 years life only begins — now I know" — she writes in his microblog. According to some, the new boyfriend is younger than Catherine at 11 years old.

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