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Volochkova rigidly laid siege to subscribers for criticism

Followers suspected the artist in advertising agencies

Anastasia is now vacationing in Sunny Greece. In most of the posts resting ballerina was mentioned by some travel Agency, which she ran this time. Then members criticized this "advertising", and some even stated that because of references in publications popular account of the trip went to the star for practically nothing.

This Anastasia has posted a rather harsh response: "Do you think that I have no way to pay for my holiday or tour services operators?! I lay. Good mine IS! Or... (from the bite itself for elbows or any other part of the body, the envious) is doing my friends. I just share with you the impressions and truth, what is good and what is a show-off For visitors.." (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.

At the end of this treatment Volochkova has even used foul language, made their knowing about the fact that commentators writing she is obviously simple in their sexual life. Note that after that the dancer decided to restrict access to commenting on her pieces on Instagram.

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