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Quentin and Daniela who Tarantino is ready to exchange the movie

News of the engagement of cult Director was pretty surprised by his fans. find out who managed to melt the heart of the unapproachable master

Women 54-year-old Quentin Tarantino can be counted on the fingers. After his meteoric rise in the early nineties, the Director attributed many intrigues, which, however, turned out to be rumors. In the 1995 Quentin had a romance with comedian Kathy Griffin. However, according to Katie, between them never had sex, and our relationship with him, she called "pekovymi". A little later, Tarantino a few years met with Mira Sorvino. During the filming of "Kill bill. Part 1" Vivimi A. Fox. And in 2003-2004-m — with Director Sofia Coppola. And all these years the name of Quentin constantly connected with Uma Thurman, whom he proclaimed his Muse. But they were always linked and associated only Platonic feelings for each other.

But the Director was not looking for a serious relationship. By his own admission, he sacrificed personal life for the sake of cinema. "When I make movies, I don't do nothing else. I have no wife, no children, nothing can stop me. The whole world can go to hell and burn to ashes — I do not care, explained Tarantino. Is like mount Everest. When you climb Everest, you don't do anything else. All your worries, all daily activities, family, everyone just disappears, turns into a mist. Only you and the mountain, every day". "But I'm not saying I'll never get married or have children up to the age of 60. But I made the choice to walk this path alone. Because this is my time. My time to make movies, î continued Quentin. For me success is the fact that after my career I will be considered the greatest filmmaker in the world. And even more: not just a filmmaker, and an Artist."

Квентин и Даниэла: на кого Тарантино готов променять кино

My Muse calls Tarantino Uma Thurman, although took it just two movies: "pulp fiction" and "Kill bill"Photo:

The threshold of 60 years was named Tarantino is not a coincidence: last November, the Director said that he would go to retire, bringing the number of his feature films to ten. Now on account of the Director's eight paintings and two in development, which can leave as the time remaining until the 60th anniversary in six years. That is why the news of the engagement Tarantino stirred up his fans. The legendary Director is going to retire sooner than expected and ready to exchange movies at the comfort of home? Quentin himself has so far refrained to speak on the subject. But his fiancee, Israeli singer Daniela Rush, it seems, is ready to do everything to her lover was an exemplary family man. According to close to the stellar pair of sources, Daniela wants to get married as soon as possible. And as soon as possible to give future husband children: the actress 33 years, and she doesn't want to delay the first pregnancy. "We are very happy! And incredibly happy that happens in our life," — says Rush. Echoes the singer and her father, also well-known Israeli musician Svika Peak: "Joy has come into our family. We are very happy for them and wish them luck".

Квентин и Даниэла: на кого Тарантино готов променять кино

Comedienne Kathy Griffin has admitted that her relationship with Quentin was very strangelite:

Relationship of Quentin and Daniela began in 2009, when the Director came to Israel for the premiere of her movie "Inglourious Basterds". Two weeks later, the Peak was accompanied by Tarantino on the red carpet in Los Angeles. And later the filmmaker in an interview said he finally met a woman he sees its future. But then the passion for the cinema was still stronger: Quentin broke up with Daniela, having left his work on the film "Django unchained". However, in mid-2016, the Director and the singer got back together, and on June 30 of this year, Tarantino did sweetheart proposal of marriage, backed by the sincerity and seriousness of his intentions a diamond ring and gold necklace.

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