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Natalia gulkin looking for parents for seven homeless kittens

Animals accustomed to the tray and completely healthy

Natalia gulkin looking for a home for seven adorable kittens. Their singer found his own entrance and now makes every effort that every one of them was in good hands. Three of Natalia took on overexposure, the other with his mother-cat took in her friend. Kittens black-and-white, smoky-white and black. The kids were brought up — I go only in the tray. Also, the singer managed to take them to the vet — kittens are completely healthy. Natalia explained that to take the kids to his can't — she already live with three cats.

Наталия Гулькина ищет родителей для семерых бездомных котят

Gulkin already took the kids to the vet – kittens absolutely, zdorovitsa:

"I went to the mailbox at the entrance — to check the mail and heard a thin, plaintive meow, — said the singer. — My heart sank and I immediately brought them milk and food for Mama cat and three of them even took to himself for the night. I feel sorry for them and really want to see these defenseless and guileless creature soon appeared in the hands of good decent people. They are educated, playful. Watching them is a pleasure, best humor!"

Publication from Natalia (@gulkina_natalia)Jul 13 2017 11:38 PDT

Natalia is not the first time extends a helping hand to animals. A year ago, the artist rescued from under the wheels of the car, the dog, and after checked the condition of the dog from a specialist, threw cry in social networks and found the owners of lost and injured Pets.

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