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St. Petersburg blogger has proposed to prohibit Buzova entry to Russia

This idea was put forward in his "Twitter" Yuri Khovanskiy

Famous bloggers of Runet continue to be indignant on the subject of a frenzied popularity leading show "Dom-2" recently became a pop singer, Olga Buzova. Recently, the Network appeared the video "Buzova, don't sing", where her work has criticized the star's Instagram and stand-up comedian Natalia Krasnov.

Питерский блогер предложил запретить Бузовой въезд в Россию

St. Petersburg blogger has proposed to prohibit Buzova check-in Россию

Now a scathing review on the same topic appeared on Twitter blogger Yury Khovansky, who recalled the recent news about the ban on the entry of the star in Ukraine, published on the website of "the Peacemaker." "Tell me where to send Olga to her and banned entry to Russia?" — Yury writes in his microblog.

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