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Lena Lenina: Make your mother a celebration!

Why is the chief did not pay your mom a manicure?

How often do you call your parents? How often do you do them with gifts? Only on holidays, once a year or permanently? After all, when it's your mom not sleep at night, nursing you, didn't finish, not to fill up and saved all your entertainment and business for tiny forever screaming helpless lump. Maybe it is time to begin to repay debts?

Children are often selfish towards their parents. Especially when you fly from the parental nest. In the confusion of Affairs they do not always have time to call my mom, or to take the grandmother to the Museum, or to go with his father fishing. But they are stuck for days in the social networks or talking on the phone with some idiot for hours. But according to some monstrously unjust law of life parents love their children more than those of them. And miss you, and worry and suffer. What should we do mom happy, reduced her to the hairdresser? Or giving her a basket of exotic fruits? Or calling her to just listen and learn all her problems and worries. No time even to call? Send with home delivery a nice little gift and do it at least once a week.

Лена Ленина: Сделайте маме праздник!

Lena Lenina gave mom women's caniculata:

There is nothing more painful than regret that not enough was done to brighten their parents lives. That unsaid, short nedolyubili. It is better to start right now and call my mom! And those who criminally allowed himself to be at odds with their parents, should try to fix this bug. Otherwise, their children, absorbing the pattern of behavior of their parents, in turn, someday will do the same with them.

I decided these summer holidays to spend with my mother. He bought her a house on the beach and gave women the holidays with a SPA, massage, beauty treatments, shopping, boutiques, restaurants, and even yachts. Every day we go to the SPA a five star hotel where we direct the beauty and recuperate. The only thing I'm not doing mom — a manicure. A conflict of interest. No interior of the Network Studios Manicure Lena in Greece yet, and even my least favorite "ladies on call", as I call them, the nail wizard with the site in Greece not to leave. And upset that local doing better or worse, not want. Lightweight professional deformation.

Лена Ленина: Сделайте маме праздник!

Every day leads Lena Lenina mom at the Spa procedureto:

Throughout the rest of the pampered mom as a child. Know that if forced the handle is not given in a SPA, then lean our Soviet mother would never spend a bunch of money. I once persuaded one of the Manager at the SPA and asked to change the price tag especially for moms ten times, so she didn't know how much pampering. So she then managed to disagree on a few procedures, considering them unnecessary luxuries. Since I'm always at the SPA care to the mother on eyes did not come across a catalogue with prices. But most importantly, mom doesn't know that while we rest here, in her suburban house in the village of Marseille on the Kaluga highway on my order furniture company "Antares", changes some of its old furniture into cool new modern, minimalistic style. I hope Mama my arrival not will beat. Just in case, send her ahead of me for a few days.

And what did you do today for your mom?

mom, Lena Lenina, editor-in-chief


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