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Stone replied to the letter of Madonna 1992

In it, the singer called the actress "mediocrity"

The story of the publication of the letters of the stars again continued. This time the focus of the press and fans was a letter from Madonnas 1992 by her then-lover John INOS. Its final price at auction can range from three to five thousand dollars. The handwritten message was about the career of actress: Madonna complained that Whitney Houston and Sharon stone at that time was the most popular with the public, in contrast to how she felt from her. Moreover, the singer said in his letter that rather would die than would be the same mediocrity.

Note that Sharon stone has responded to the news in their social networks. The actress went directly to the Madonna. First of all, she wrote that it seemed absurd that someone is posting her personal letters, because to answer that she chose to publicly: "Know that I'm your friend. I also wanted to be a rock star, but... I realized that I have very mediocre abilities, as you noticed. We both know that we survived only because our mediocre abilities is our only strong point, thanks to which we become those who have become". At the end of the stone admitted that he admires Madonna and is not going to inflame the conflict.

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