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Brezhnev sent Vodonaevu ban

The singer took "the stone in your garden"

Recent arguments Alena Vodonaevoy in your Instagram about the double standards that prevail in our society have led to the conflict with Vera Brezhneva. Recall, justifying its participation in the "House-2" the model complained to the subscribers that do not respect her, but with the excitement related to immoral singer, who took the man of the family. Then the followers of the presenter wondered: who is referring to Alena?

And Brezhnev guess not and just closed your account Vodonaevoy, thinking that Alain is talking about it.

Брежнева отправила Водонаеву в бан

Alena Водонаева

"I think where I Vera Brezhneva ribbon go away. For many years signed" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — complained Vodonaeva. — "I liked the work, liked to look at beautiful photos. Gaining her account — I in the block. Hmm...".

Now in a new post, the leading is justified before Faith and accuses journalists that they are not correctly interpreted her words.

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