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Angelika Varum congratulated husband poems

Leonid Agutin celebrated 49 years

Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin called one of the most beautiful couples on the Russian stage, and the marriage model. They are together since 1997. Today the Honored artist of the Russian Federation turned 49 years old, in his "Instagrame" spouse touching congratulated his poems.

"All the words already seems to be said

And in public, and alone.

We are capable of familiar phrases

To get under the shell"...

Your post it was signed: "happy birthday, MY!".

All the words already seems to be spoken in public, and alone. We are capable of familiar phrases to Get under the shell. As twenty years ago, according to Pelevin, Just silently weave the tails. To understand nothing is eternal, everything is temporary, And from a sense to be embarrassed sometimes. We are native and from toe to the crown. For the two of us nearly one hundred years. Well I used the same amount of time, If the ONE who is above us, will allow. Happy birthday, MY!

Publication of Angelika Varum (@avarum) Jul 15 2017 8:06 PDT

Recall, the couple have a daughter Elizabeth Varum. She is now 18 years old, like the parents, the girl makes a career in music.

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