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TV presenter Andrew samartseva married captain learned a love story, like a fairy tale

TV presenter Andrey Samartsev familiar to viewers of the program "Double standards. Then you are not there!". The young man struck the hearts of many fans, but their sighs were in vain. Sam Andrew is already six years is in love with Anastasia Markov, who finally became his wife. The story of their relationship Samartsev said

"Before that, we with Nastya met for 6 years. We met 14 years, we studied at University on the same course," shared Andrew.

Телеведущего Андрея Самарцева поженил капитан

New York became the city of love for novobrachnyh press service

Proposed to his sweetheart he made in one of the most romantic cities in the world — in new York. December 24, the eve of Catholic Christmas.

"Generally most popular for offers place in new York skating rink Rockefeller center, but I wanted to propose in a place that meant something to us both and without prying eyes. We had dinner and went for a walk in a Park on the East river overlooking Manhattan. Where the first kiss was. I got a diamond ring and offered Nastya to be my wife," recalls Samartsev.

The young people decided to get married there in the "Big Apple", the wedding preparations took more than six months. In addition, it was necessary to podgadat time when the program, which leads Samartsev go on vacation.

The wedding ceremony was held in new York on the Hudson river. The Union has recorded the captain of the ship. By today's standards the celebration was very modest — a total of 16 guests, and young money is not tossed: suit Andrew at a cost of$ 850, the dress of the bride in 1900$.

Телеведущего Андрея Самарцева поженил капитан

The wedding was held, stremnovato press service

"We didn't want a pompous celebration. We had a modest, intimate wedding, just the closest. All very moved by the vows we with Nastya said. My vows I wrote and taught a week. And while driving to the ceremony, repeating it several times. But when it started, I was just so excited that it just slipped my mind, and I decided to speak for themselves. Was very touching! Guests cried! Both women and men", — said the bridegroom.

After the registration of marriage, the couple together with guests went to a 4-hour cruise. On their honeymoon they're going to have in Mexico.

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