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Lena Lenina sheltered kid

Chief editor of the site trivial holds their Greek vacation

Writer Lena Lenina spends holidays with his mother in Greece. "The best daughter of the year" I bought my mom here a little house by the sea, and engaged in its improvement, in between swimming in the sea, Spa treatments and shopping. This morning Lenin noticed walking around in their garden goat, eating new seedlings of apricot trees. Apparently, the baby strayed from his herd and got lost. As she was in a designer hat and dress by renowned Italian designer, Lena grabbed the goat and began painfully to figure out how to find his family.

What would you do if you found someone else's cattle on the terrace? Because the request to Google "what to do if you came to the garden the goat?", not popular. Lena, a resident of the large metropolis, is not able to read the tattooed mark on the bodies of a herd of cattle, so she first called the police, where she was politely given to understand that she went to the wrong address. Then she asked the gardener and neighbors, then called all large livestock farms that it was difficult due to ignorance, Lena the Greek language, and the farmers — English.

Лена Ленина приютила козленка

After a few hours of hassle, happy and well-fed goat has returned to the bosom of samitto: materials of press-services

All this time Lena Lena carefully fed the foundling with water and generously provided the grass from my mother's garden featuring a goat. After a few hours of hassle, happy and well-fed goat is back in the bosom of her family, and her Savior memory allowed to be photographed with him.

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