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The stars came out to watch a movie under the open sky

As it turned out, many celebrities are partial to such a romantic way to spend an evening

One of the first appeared at the premiere of the star of the movie "About love" Masha Shalaeva. The actress was dressed in a light, but elegant dress, and in his hands he held a bag. But not simple, and design and extremely fashionable in this season. "It's all made from recycled organic materials. No skin, no dead animals, no hair, don't fell with anyone else's head. Full vegetarianism. Very comfortable handle. And although it looks like a shopping bag, hence nothing falls out. I, as a grandmother who took a bag, put there all necessary things, a bag wrapped and then put in a bag. So I advise everyone," he told the star about his unexpected choice of accessory.

Звезды пришли смотреть кино под открытым небом

Egor Avramenko Korisceni

Egor Koreshkov is one of the star fans of sustainable transport. For the premiere, the actor came on the scooter in the city more and more. As it turned out, Egor welcomed a healthy way of life and not a day sees no Jogging, sports and Cycling. Now added another scooter.

Звезды пришли смотреть кино под открытым небом

Irson Kudikova and Anna Avramenko Gorkowienko

Actress Anna Gorshkova came along with his friend singer Irson Kudikova. The girls were smiling and enjoy the good weather. "And I in the summer not time to relax really. Closed the session and started to work," explained Anna. Irson, in turn, has noticed that I look tonight at the stars in the clear sky.

Maria Shalaeva, irson Kudikova, Egor Koreshkov, Anna Gorshkova


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