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Glamor and glitter: stars choose new outfits

In the House of Russian fashion was a fashion show of designer max Lieber. Interested in fashion shows as fashion experts and celebrities who gladly tried on the new items

The former soloist of group "on-On" Vladimir Levkin came together with his wife Marina and daughter nica. So many clothes the girl a little confused, and Marina went straight for the cap. In the difficult task of choosing the suitable clothes helped them host of the "Dressed in Russian" Asya Ryazankina. As a result, Lukinyh stopped on the red hat and white dress.

Шик и блеск: звезды выбирают новые наряды

Irina Portmanto: materials of press-services

Irina Ortman interested in the dress that was hanging on the mannequin. The singer even wanted to try on the outfit, but other guests assured that the measure optional: her figure coincides with the parameters of the dummy. However, those who know Irina was not surprised. Almost every day the singer goes to the gym, where working with a trainer individually. A few days Ortman started to learn surfing on a special simulator.

Шик и блеск: звезды выбирают новые наряды

Elena Kondulainen with Alice, Tolkachevichi: materials of press-services

Elena Kondulainen (pictured with the designer Alice Tolkacheva)have carefully examined the innovations and shared with news. It turns out that the actress recently actively gets rid of his things. "I now understand things and give one Studio. A lot pack. For example, the technique of which lay long. There are rare items, and some will be used in the filming. In addition, give them clothes from my personal collection, and one that was used in the TV series "thank you For everything". And even baby stuff. I thought that kids will still wear them, but they are like the stars: twice put, and all. But I also can not double-enter in one and the same. So accumulate a lot. Gave even "louboutins" with a thin stiletto-nail. They screwed you. And I absolutely do not want," the actress confessed.

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