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Lena Lenin defended Olga Buzova from attacks

Editor believes that the latter-day singer worthy of the success that fell on her after the divorce

Do not spit in Olga Buzova this year, just lazy. More and spat on all the other beginners to sing with a mouth in our country. And those new success Oli irritated more than others. Prima silent, they are wise, know that when Sobchak foaming at the mouth to destroy damning criticism Volochkova, in fact, the more it unraveled. PR is now good any plus sign or minus sign, only louder.

Rivals, on whose territory, as on an armored personnel carrier, brown entered Olya, tear and throw. Do not hesitate to do this even publicly, which has always been considered forbidden by some unwritten code of honor among peers. But the market is getting smaller, corporate cut, the cake was dry, the source of millions of wild rivers have turned into stinking Creek, so envy no more strength to hide. After all, to swallow the insult from a stranger full "Olympic", the tops of the charts and downloads or ten million followers difficult.

Лена Ленина защитила Ольгу Бузову от нападок

Lena Lenina, Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Busovaca: materials of press-services

However, only half Olynyk her followers are loyal, the other half just consists of unrealized Solusinya sisters striving for success, Machekhin daughters who are less fortunate. That's just luck, they still somehow hope, not knowing that only the invested labor leads to guaranteed results today is not to marry a Prince. In the current situation, on the contrary, if the Prince will change you mind at all with another Princess, poor Cinderella falls an avalanche of the national love in Russia always heavily involved in the pity. Yes, and to scold Buzova competitors now profitable — any also irritated her success editor will be immediately published.

But I'm Olya not abused. On the contrary, I praise and I think it is a perfect example of what not only the American dream can be realized, but also Russian. And simple a girl may want to sing and become a superstar.

Лена Ленина защитила Ольгу Бузову от нападок

After the divorce with Tarasov, His hair black and started singing, karioitahi:

Poor Olga that not only criticize and legs then it is thick, and the face terrible, and no chest, and neither voice nor ear for music in education. However, it is unlikely that these critics all over themselves prettier or sing better. Those who are singing better, doesnít criticize because they are not up to it. They have life active, and so boring that they have no time to study the Cinderellas of the country.

Know what the hardest part of life for most? To experience success in the middle. And Olga was so close! Close, I said, not minded. By the way, the stupidity of blaming the poor girl often. But it is unclear with whom they compare it really with you? And change the color of your hair with dumb blonde to smart brunette and wearing glasses with no lenses, some see a stupid girl desire to look smarter. But hardly among the detractors on this subject there are doctors of science or professors of academies. A simple girl from a simple family, trapped in a difficult and even primitive telestroke, with other such ordinary people. Suddenly a deafening divorce! As a brilliant example of what men easily betray. Especially if you meet beautiful models. And now everyone wants to be in her place, to her, not Olga, and threw a rich footballer. But the players threw many, but not all of them stood up, and in spite of the offenders became superstars. Most such blows of fate broken and limp. She gritted his teeth and made everyone jealous of his success. Let envy, Olga, this is a good sign! No offense to my colleagues in the singing! So you can do whatever you want! And someone else's success can forgive you just the same successful people!

success, divorce, Dmitry Tarasov, Lena Lenina, Olga Buzova


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