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At the dawn of the career of Lyubov Polishchuk gave his son to boarding school

Actress for many years felt guilty

People's artist of Russia Lyubov Polishchuk died in 2006 — she died from a rare disease — sarcoma of the spine. Her work and life story still arouses the interest of the public. The Director Andrey Zhitinkin told reporters some previously unknown facts about the beginning of her career and relationship with his son, now actor Alexei Makarov. The Director noted that her road to fame was long and difficult: the first time she was frequently denied on the samples because of too sensual "nesovetskie" appearance.

When she moved to Moscow, when it already had a small child, the husband decided to stay in Omsk. Due to the almost continuous employment she had to make difficult for any mother's decision to send their son to boarding school. After that, even when he was grown up, Polishchuk still feeling this guilt, I brought him from a tour gifts and loved for him to cook. The Zhitinkin said that as long as Makarov did not come to prominence, no one thought that his mother was an actress.

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