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Lone star: Irina Rozanova and her men

In addition to the stellar roles of the actress there were many novels with the most talented men. Here only, alas, your day of birth she met alone...

His first wife Irina Rozanova met at GITIS, where she arrived only at the second attempt. With Eugene Kamenkovich, now a famous Director, artistic Director of theatre "Peter Fomenko's Workshop", Irina lived only a couple of years. The love boat has crashed against the everyday: young lived in a tiny room of a hostel, not enough money. But divorced with no squabbles and scandals.

In 1989, the film Gambrinus, Irina began an affair with the Director of a picture Dmitry Meshalim. Although their relationship was not registered, they lived together for several years, and surrounded by them was believed by the couple.

The reasons for the separation, then none of them told. Only producer mark Rudinshtein in his memoirs, revealed that the couple was constantly fighting. And supposedly the reason for their breakup became addicted Rozanova to alcohol. But this information only on the conscience of Mark Grigorievich...

Одинокая звезда: Ирина Розанова и ее мужчины

Dmitry Avramenko Mushavhanamadi

The second attempt

Second official marriage Irina Rozanova was registered with producer Timur Weinstein, cousin of Garry Kasparov. The couple even got married in Israel. Timur and Irina met at the Sochi film festival "Kinotavr". The birth of their relationship was watched by all film jet set. However, this Union ended in divorce. In the press slipped information that Irina was pregnant but lost the baby, after which they with Timur and broke up.

However, the mother of the actress in an interview, suddenly announced another version: "She wanted a husband, not a man, for money. When in a relationship with Timur the moment of contempt, the daughter barely got away with one suitcase, leaving all their belongings," said Zoya Vasilievna Belova.

Later, in 2003, Timur Weinstein married famous athlete Yana Batyrshina, repeated world champion and Europe on rhythmic gymnastics, silver medalist of the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996, the owner of 170 medals, 30 trophies and medals-the order "For merits before Fatherland" II degree.

Children Monday

The third time Irina Rozanova married operator Gregory Belenky. And this too was an office romance. Gregory was a cameraman on the film "Children of Monday" Alla Surikova, and there began their relationship. It is noteworthy that Irina is in this film played opposite the actor Igor Sklar, who was actively trying to Woo her. And only later learned that at that time his partner was having an affair with the operator.

Offer hands and hearts Gregory Belenky did later when I was working on the film "these Old broads" Eldar Ryazanov. So the wedding was playing in the country at the Eldar, who personally saw to it that the celebration was a success. And at the wedding table, the Director was sitting next to Irina, so when they shouted "bitterly!", bride kissing and Ryazanov (amicably, of course). The holiday was so pleased Rozanova, which is usually not very noisy abandon that the wedding then repeated "encore" — in the Ryazan, the parents of Irina.

In kinbrough it is believed that the Union of the actress and the operator — almost ideal. That's about a couple of white—Rozanov for a long time said they were an example to follow. Until it became known that in fact the couple have not lived together at all and have officially divorced. That was the reason for the divorce, none of them have not admitted. "When parting, we signed a friendship agreement with Ira, what about our personal lives don't tell — neither I nor she shared somehow Gregory. But we are friends to this day." Moreover, now they are neighbors. After the divorce, both not saying a word, bought apartments in the same house. So now the former spouses are living on top of each other: Irina — on the sixteenth floor, Gregory — on the seventeenth. According to the actress, this situation suits her personally. "What would we have with him no matter what happens, we both know there are native people," says Rozanov.

Одинокая звезда: Ирина Розанова и ее мужчины

Irina Rozanova and Bakhtiar Hudoinazarov Avramenko

Last love

In 2006 the film "the Tanker 'tango" Irina Rozanova began an affair with Director Bakhtiyor by Hudojnazarova. Marriage has become a guest: filmmaker then most of the time lived in Germany, and Irina continued to work in Russia. So they travelled to visit each other: it is in Moscow, then in Berlin. Or met on neutral territory. Very Bakhtiyor such relations was very pleasant. He believed that this very "European". They lived together for five years, but in 2011 he decided to leave.

After that, Timur had other novels (in kinbrough, for example, actively discussing his relationship with actress Tatyana Lyutaeva, mother Agnes Ditkovskite). Then I became aware of a serious illness of the Director, Oncology. In these days Bakhtiar once again converged with Irina. At least Rozanov, very often began to see in Berlin, where she flew at the first opportunity.

Of Bakhtiar Khudoynazarov died two years ago, in April 2015. He did not live to see my fiftieth birthday less than a month.


Those who know Irina Rozanov, sure if you want to understand its inner essence, take a good long look the film "the Wild one", where she played a major role. A strong woman, which is really harsh for a "facade" hiding their feelings and the desire to find the one who will be by her side, is she, Irina Rozanova. About their personal relationship, she prefers not to talk, throwing only "If deemed necessary, will write a book about it".

Although many are trying to spare her, saying that no family, not even talk to anyone in the long evenings, — the actress says that she loves to be alone. And feels happy when running away somewhere into the countryside. There is the sound of the trees or the gurgling of the river she finally finds peace and tranquility. "Loneliness is the only creature that won't leave you ever," she likes to say.

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