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Kafelnikov's daughter started talking about death

In Instagram of a girl there was an interesting video

Daughter of the most titled Russian tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov Ales recently appeared in the media spotlight because of the alarm messages in the "Twitter" of the father. Recall that this model began to suspect the fascination with illicit drugs, for which she had to make excuses.

Publication Kafelnikova from Alesya (@alesyakaf)Aug 3 2017 12:02 PDT

Apparently, to unwind and gain new positive experiences, she decided to go on vacation. In his Instagram she even invited followers to guess where it went, posting a picture from the plane: in the comments many people somehow called Montenegro. Immediately after, she posted a video where bathed in the evening hours, by signing the movie: "I died and went to heaven".

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