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Maxim Galkin showed another relative

Looks like the nephew of the artist?

Fans of Maxim Galkin know the details of his personal life: Maxim's wife Alla Pugacheva and two children. But not everyone knows about other relatives of the parodist. The other day Maxim lifted the veil of secrecy. Now fans know that Maksim has a nephew. And, apparently, the young man on his physique differs significantly from the uncle of Maxim, which is known to be very slim. Galkin tweeted the young relative.

"Nephew Nikita Galkin. Serves. Proud of him. Well done! Since December, when he left the army, minus 25 kg" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx., — said Maxim.

Publication of Maxim Galkin | Official (@maxgalkinru)Aug 3 2017 11:32 PDT

It should be noted that fans have found similarities between relatives. And some could not resist humorous comparisons. "Like, especially the lips "like a bomb in my mouth exploded"... once the man was joking. Well done, man," commented fans.

They also gave the Maxim: "Help your nephew, take a trip with a concert at the same time fertilize, as Shevchuk went to the concert for his son to part to know whose son he is and not hurt".

Alla Pugacheva, nephew, Maxim Galkin


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