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"Star in shock": Sergei Zverev soiled cows

On the way home stylist pelted with manure

To spend a few days of your holiday Sergey Zverev decided at home, in the village of Arshan, Irkutsk region. However, the trip was marred by a very unpleasant incident. The flamboyant star pelted with manure. He had already prepared for the meeting with rural relatives, who will pamper the celebrity home cooking, and even mentally said goodbye to the waist.

But the joy of homecoming was marred by an encounter with a herd of cows. Horny and did not think to give way to a car stylist, continued to run and do all things on the go. In the result, the car was dirty dung — "the Star in shock!"

Because of the abundance of obscene words, which were awarded Zverev cows, shot the video, we can not accommodate.

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