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Andrey Malakhov goes to... decree?

The Network discussed the incredible reasons for the dismissal of TV host

After it became known that Andrey Malakhov leaves the channel, where he worked for many years, leading fans to speculate as to what was the real reason for leaving. Andrew himself, of course, any comments does not give, as, however, the representatives of the channel. In this connection, d Network there were several versions.

According to one, he quits because of a scandal that occurred in the lead with his superiors. Supposedly the channel is returned to the producer, who has worked there 9 years ago. But Malakhov with a new colleague did not work and said that he would leave. Also it was said that the program "Let them talk" fell in the ratings compared to past times. There is a version that Andrew promised millions of competitors, and he wanted more creative freedom.

That Malakhov just goes away, indicate indirect signs. For example, the fact that the Studio has already taken Malakhov Dmitry Shepelev, who does the "actually". And this is also known as one of the reasons for the dismissal of a famous TV host.

However, today, the network appeared the version, which threatens to become the main sensation of this summer. According to rumors, Andrew leaves... on maternity leave! Turns out his wife Natalia shkuleva pregnant. Rumor has it, she is in her last months of pregnancy. And Andrew, who always wanted to be a father, wanted to take leave to care for the baby. To help Natalya, and to participate in the life of the baby. However, the manual transmission expressed its categorical protest. So, again after much consideration, Andrew decided to leave the channel.

Андрей Малахов уходит в… декрет?

According to rumors, she goes on maternity leave to help his wife with ребенком

Rumor has it that the "Let them talk" will continue to exist. But only on a different button. Apparently, there Andrew will be allowed to combine the joy of fatherhood and work.

Andrey Malakhov Natalia shkuleva


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