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Alika Smekhova starred in a bikini: "Photoshop I did"

The actress spoke about maintaining its shape

Alika Smekhova recently went on a family trip in the Mediterranean. In the long-awaited vacation actress was escorted by two sons: Artem and Makar. In "Instagram" star "middle-aged" sun shares photos of his trip. Some of them 49-year-old actress posing in the open bathing suit. Subscribers were delighted from her body, and she Alika decided to reveal to them some of the secrets of keeping in shape.

Publication of Alika Smekhova (@alika_smekhova)7 Aug 2017 at 1:18 PDT

The first thing she called a day regimen and a healthy diet, also, the actress does not forget about the weekly unloading: "for example environment, only the juices". Smekhova admitted that every year he spends a week in a good clinic, and regularly engaged in "sports-yoga" and swimming. "A positive attitude to the world,and a bit of irony helps a lot," concluded the actress.

Alika Smekhova


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