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Sadalsky has declassified the name of the successor Malakhov

And he has now decided to call herself a blogger

The popular actor Stanislav Sadalsky said today in his blog the name of the new host of the talk show "Let them talk". According to his statement, the successor to Andrey Malakhov will be the host of "Evening news" Dmitry Borisov: "I was wrong. ANDREW MORE IN the STUDIO will NOT be INCLUDED ((((("then he added: "Today, in four hours will be recording the program with a new flagship, Borisov".

And the Malakhov before published in his "Twitter" photo profiles of Italian guest of the hotel. There, in the column "profession", he pointed out: "Blogger, video blogger on YouTube. Recall that the presenter recently went on vacation to the island of Sardinia, where met with Nikolai Baskov and "to discuss the future of television."

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