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"What's with her mouth?": subscribers in shock from the new makeup Buzova

New image of the singer again discuss in the Network

Olga Buzova continues to share with followers a photo and video of his trip to Los Angeles. We will remind, there, in California, was filmed her new video, the Director who first became a girl.

Publication from Olga Buzova (@buzova86)Aug 6 2017 11:13 PDT

But in one of the photos the users ' attention was attracted by the unusual makeup artist: almost the entire lower half of her face was smeared with something grey and shiny, tonal sequins on her Cape, which, in turn, Olga donned a favorite black bottomtime and black bodysuit.

"Believe in yourself. The person who doesn't believe in you, you can say: "Olga Buzova believes in me." And I do believe in you, you will be able, if they wish, and nobody and nothing can stop on your way to your dream", — has signed a frame Buzova.

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