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As the Roman Makin broke his leg

Star of TV series "Sweet life" and "Swati" said, who helped him in a difficult situation

An unexpected story with actor Roman Machinem. The star of "the Sweet life" published in the personal microblog, where he is on crutches. Subscribers initially thought that Makina another interesting role, where you have to walk with a broken leg. However, the actor exclusive told what had happened. The fracture was the real!

- In my life occurred an unusual situation. A month before the start of filming of the series "Psichologine" I broke my leg.Z was animals sports sports trampoline and failed prizemlilsya. It was a month and a half recovery, crutches and so on. It's fine now, I walk without a stick already. But really, put to rest two months. That is, the time when you can on the leg has come. Unfortunately, no one thought to grow together faster. You can drink vitamins, but it is unknown if they would help. I did not wait for the end of those 60 days. I'm such a weird person ( laughs).

- When the leg broke, who provided support?

Who? Of course, the doctors ( laughs). The wife helped. But I tried not to be very helpless. This get sick, when I want to do nothing, to lie... So I after a week was running around with a plaster, spread through the three countries.

- Went on vacation?

- No. Flew to shooting. Last time I was on vacation in August last year. Currently have a job, there are good projects. One is already removed. And two more interesting projects are started. Before the New year to go and just relax just will not work. Yes, and I have the job — you can combine relaxation and shooting.

Как Роман Маякин сломал ногу

During the difficult rehabilitation period actor helped his wife Elena Кулева

- It turns out that you played in the series with a broken leg?

Yeah, plus we moved the little shooting. Interestingly, in this series two of the main characters are my classmates. This is Sonia and Anastasia Kashtanova Panin. We went to school together and somehow ended up here. We approved at the last moment. It seems to me that the casting for "Psichologiniu" were almost all the actors of Moscow, and maybe even the city's suburbs. And I have yet auditioned, he changed multiple roles. First, the channel approved one role, then the second, then came the Director and said: "Roma, why are you going this role play, come to that? "Approved as a result of all the third.

Как Роман Маякин сломал ногу

Roman Makin starred with a broken ногой

Now how do you feel?

Okay. Despite a broken leg, nothing happened.

broken leg, Roman Makin


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