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Gone from the life of "the godfather" by Alla Pugacheva

The last years of the composer Pavel Slobodkin was seriously ill

August 8, on 73-m to year of life in Moscow has died the national actor of the Russian Federation Pavel Slobodkin. From 1966 to 2017, he directed the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Jolly fellows", which was very famous in the ' 70s. In its composition was made by Vyacheslav Malezhik, Viktor Chaika and many others. Among those who Slobodkin gave "a start in life" was and Alla Pugacheva.

"Pugachev came in the 'Jolly fellows" is a simple singer with the prospect of solo performances, — said the composer. — She worked with us in the first compartment — as if to say not to be sorry for "warming up", what? But then she stood out for their craft. She has a very accurate ear, and she could have parodied Peha, Zykina, to sing a Russian song, like a real folk singer. We are even going to paste in a program like this eccentric room...".

The last few years among friends Slobodkin were rumors that he was ill with cancer meets his men reported that he was greatly diminished in weight. His colleague Lyubov Voropayeva said his death is a big loss. 'One of my mentors in the show-meringue, one of my co-authors, one of the Mohicans, VIA, great musician! Mourn!"

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