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Oleg Yakovlev has a bastard child?

It was also revealed that the actor had an affair with Irina Dubtsova

On the website "KP" today published a candid interview with recently deceased ex-soloist of group "Ivanushki International" Oleg Yakovlev. About his personal life prior to this was not known almost nothing, except that a few years he was in civil marriage with Alexandra Kutsevol, which, as it turned out, he never even discussed the idea of having a baby.

But from published the audio of the conversation implies that their rights to the estate of deceased artist may soon declare his illegitimate son from St. Petersburg, where Yakovlev visited the most. To discuss the details of this fact, the singer then refused. It is known that he had a property in Montenegro and St. Petersburg.

Oleg spoke about his secret relationship with the winner of the project "Factory of stars" Irina Dubtsova, which even after the breakup he stayed in the warm and friendly relations. He admitted that he was trying to re-educate the girl, which is strictly not worth it. Then critical said about his obstinate temper.

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