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Media: Jolie and pitt no longer seek to divorce

Artists find it difficult to live without each other

The news about the divorce of Hollywood stars brad pitt and Angelina Jolie still not haunted by the media and fans of the actors. Cause of disorder, as confirmed by pitt himself, was his addiction to alcohol. He admitted that for the family done with all prickly harmful than alcohol. And divorce has given him reason to doubt himself: he realized that he did not support their children properly. Then he began to experience two therapists and decided to give up drinking alcohol. The experience of the last relationship with Jolie taught him to love without the right of possession.

While Angelina recently gave a candid interview with Vanity Fair magazine. She said memories of his childhood and the divorce of her parents, John Voight and Marcelin Bertrand, which he personally experienced very hard. Jolie said: whatever happens, it is better to hide your feelings from children. Recall that the stress from her recent divorce, Angelina suffered a paralysis of the facial nerve and pesadelo a lot of hair. Now she's obsessed with household chores and upbringing of the heirs, recently even signed up for cooking classes.

Interestingly, the actress does not consider a tight schedule problem for family life. It is known that Angelina demanded the court sole custody of six kids, explaining that nekontroliruem bouts of aggression pitt. According to her, one day, brad raised his hand on her eldest son Maddox. After mother moved into a new house in Los Angeles, near the Villa of her husband, pitt could not stay in the empty house and more than a month, stayed with friends in Santa Monica.

And today, the portal "US Magazine" there was an assumption that the couple does plan to continue to engage in the divorce process. It is reported that for several months they did not take any action to implement the divorce. The assurances of the source magazine, and no one thinks it will happen. Perhaps the impetus for pitt to be better for the children melted the ice in the heart of Jolie.

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