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Galkin: "I respect Malakhov, but he zadolbali his transition"

A colleague of the presenter expressed his opinion on the situation

In Instagram famous parodist Maxim Galkin often appear video, in which he in a short time makes a review of any relevant news, of course, in his favorite manner. Today he expressed his opinion on the widely discussed departure of Andrey Malakhov "First channel".

Publication of Maxim Galkin | Official (@maxgalkinru)Aug 9 2017 4:49 PDT

But most of all a humorist angered mention in the media in connection with this situation in his name. Recall that once almost went to "the First" on "Russia" that he considers a very good solution: he said that after the withdrawal of the earned money built his castle. "Andrew, are waiting for you on the "First" three years later, I believe my experience," concluded max.

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