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Sadalsky: "When fired Malyshev?"

The actor is looking forward to the changes on Russian television

Recently, in connection with the sensational departure of Andrey Malakhov, and then Alexander Oleshko with the "First channel", his colleagues remember your experience and actively comment on the situation. On the eve of the people's artist of Georgia and the Chuvash Republic Stanislav Sadalsky commented in his "Live journal": "the host 'Minutes of glory" and "hair-breadth" has stopped working and gradually moved on NTV. NTV, Alexander Oleshko. Each other's faces".

Садальский: «Когда же уволят Малышеву?»

Sadalsky: "When fired Malyshev?"

After which he put forward the idea of fire and the leading transmission "Live healthy" Elena Malyshev, calling her "the personification of ignorance, of rudeness" and "extremely ugly in its advertising." Recall that last year due to low ratings on "the First channel" has closed the program "Tablet", which was leading a Sadalsky.

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