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Pugacheva asked for forgiveness from the deceased's first producer

But to come to the funeral refused

On the eve of Alla Pugacheva has placed in his microblog post, the memory of her first producer Pavel Slobodkin, who died August 8 at age 72. The song "harlequin", which the Diva sang during the work in ensemble "Jolly fellows" under the leadership Slobodkin, became her "calling card" along with the hits "one Million scarlet roses" and "All can kings".

Publication of ALLA PUGACHEVA (@alla_orfey)Aug 9 2017 6:05 PDT

"Our dear Pasha! Sorry to see you leave this mortal world. Know that that part of my life that is associated with you, lit by our youth, the pursuit of goals, sometimes seemingly unattainable, happiness, success and bitterness of failure will remain with me until the end of my days. You're a talented musician and composer, but the score of our life we do not write, and others, a Higher Power called DESTINY. Goodbye and sorry, mate," writes Pugachev in his Instagram.

Farewell ceremony with Pavel Yakovlevich held today in the capital. In tserkovi of the metochion of the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra profit friends of the composer. Pugacheva told about the bad state of health and therefore did not appear. His farewell speech she gave to Alexander Buynova. "There's where you're going, we will meet and answer all the questions that we in life and have not found an answer," the singer wrote in his microblog.

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