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Egor Koreshkov brought the neighbors to the shock find out firsthand what happened in the house of the actor

Egor Koreshkov is not only a popular actor. It turns out he is also a musician. Moreover, the instrument on which he plays drums. For some time, due to his busy schedule, he gave up his passion. But recently again took up his drumsticks. All anything, but the situation is complicated by the fact that to improve in this area of the house he can not.

"I have not played, and here in connection with two projects in which I play drums, classes resumed, — told the artist in an exclusive interview. Well, I do, and I like it. Sometimes practicing on electronic drums, sometimes on the classic removable bases — you can play live, knock".

To the question, why not play at home, the actor answered that he was not willing so much to hurt the people who live next to it.

Егор Корешков довел соседей до шока

Egor Koreshkov doesn't want to irritate the neighbors game барабанах

"As a child, I of course, played live at home, but the neighbors were in shock. Now I can't imagine that I would take responsibility like this. I think even a day is not necessary", — concluded Roots.

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