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Gagarin has lost 23 kilos after the second birth

The singer shared her secret harmony with the subscribers

Pop singer Polina Gagarina this spring became a mother for the second time, and then did not linger long in the decree. On the contrary, thanks to the support of her husband — photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, the singer quickly returned to work and social life. Members, especially women, half of them are eagerly waiting for Pauline to share her secrets of weight loss and keeping in shape after childbirth.

On the eve of her Instagram long-awaited post on this topic. "At the moment your ideal weight before pregnancy, I have not yet reached. I have to compete with 3 kilograms. For me they are fundamentally important — now I weigh 56, I need my 53" — reported Gagarin. She then admitted that the second pregnancy scored exactly the same as the first 25 pounds.

Not to "poison my soul", the artist agreed with the doctor not to talk about her weight — she even weighed with my eyes closed. "In the hospital I walked with the weight of 78.5", — says the singer. And two weeks after the birth of MIA, she had already begun to act, although the weight went slow because of caused by nature in the breast-feeding hormones.

Pauline further explained diet which advised her experienced friend. "The main principle — do not stay hungry, if I want to eat (so) — find a chicken or, for example, protein without the yolk. The main problem faced by I — discipline. To cook, take food out of the house and then time to eat. But over time you get used to everything, and if you have the motivation to do all how cute" she concluded.

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