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The wife of Dmitry Dibrova will take part in a beauty contest first hand found out what he thinks Sam broadcaster on this occasion

Very unexpected news was shared with others Polina Dibrova. It turns out, the girl will take part in the competition "Mrs. Russia-2017", which will be held in the capital next week. Beauty told

"I'm busy preparing for the competition. But I now have practically anything in no time, I'm very busy" — said Dibrov.

What exactly is the beauty, it became clear this morning when Dibrova finally spoke about some of the details of the preparation in the microblog.

"I continue to prepare for the contest, stayed almost a week. The finale of the Mrs. Russia 2017 will be held in Moscow, looking forward to all the finalists, very interesting to get acquainted with bright, talented moms. In the meantime, clear power, EMC training, massages, selection of dresses, formulation of speech and active the competition week. Enjoy every part of this important process," said Pauline.

Жена Дмитрия Диброва примет участие в конкурсе красоты

Polina is actively preparing for the competition красоты

Of course, we could not ask Dmitry what he thinks about the involvement of his half in the national competition.

"I love that she decided to participate in the contest, because it's not walking coat hangers down the catwalk in search of a wealthy man. Moms, wives, it's the teachers. They, too, are beautiful. And we must understand that marriage life is not only not over, it only begins — that is what the competition. So I am very happy that she is involved", — confessed Dmitry Dibrov

Also lead said that for him there is no problem if the wife a little time, and it is not engaged in economic Affairs.

"As for leaving me, we have helpers at home. And attention to me she still tries to pay", — said Dmitry.

Recall that the 28-year-old Polina Dibrova was born in Rostov-on-don. However to imagine it will not be his native city, and the suburbs, where he now lives. In 2006, she also successfully took part in the contest "Miss Body."

Жена Дмитрия Диброва примет участие в конкурсе красоты

Dmitry Dibrov and Pauline are raising three сыновей

For participation in competition "Mrs. Russia" need to be married and preferably have children. Polina with Dmitry, as you know, the three of them. It's the boys. However, Pauline always said he was not going to stop there. And maybe someday this family will appear and the girl.

Dmitry Dibrova Polina Dibrova


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