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The chair explained the reason for the failure from the place's leading "First channel"

The actor recalled the days of working in security Academy

On the eve it was reported that the notorious actor Nikita Dzhigurda commented on the idea of becoming the host of the TV show "Let speak" Andrey Malakhov instead. Showman said that the negotiations on this subject were, but because of their ideological reasons he decided to refuse. According to Dzhigurda, the channel guide is not yet ready for such changes.

The artist also remembered the days when he was a Professor of Academy of safety under the President of Russia: then he saw the compromising videos involving men — stars of the Russian show-business. He said that for not disclosing this information, they now pay a lot of money.

the first channel TV presenter, Nikita Dzhigurda, and Marina Anisina


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