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Borodin and Terekhin won sell house

The couple believes that deserves a quality housing.

Бородина и Терехин продают выигранный дом

Ksenia Borodina and Mikhail Terekhin. photo: Natalia Мущинкина

TV host Ksenia Borodina and her beloved Mikhail Terekhin not so long ago, once again reconciled together and spent our vacation in Turkey. When he returned, the couple decided to sell his «Terem», won in one of the competitions «House-2». About it in his microblog wrote himself Terekhin: «house for sale! Urgently and cheap! Ramensky area, the Ryazan highway, 65 km from MKAD, 5.5 million rbl. the initial price».
Message Mikhail reinforced photo collage of the cottage. Seeing this post, fans of the couple became worried: «Why sell? Are you part?», «How? Why? You Ksusha finally parted?», «Michael, why sell? You're with Ksusha dreamed about it, and we voted. We also want to know».
But Terekhin reassured fans, stating that the sale of the home does not mean their Ksenia gap.
«Yes, we did decide to sell the house, it is our common decision. Just that we rarely in it are a maximum of once a month. So they have decided to sell. Want to house more expensive. We have not been spelled out in the contract that we must live there. We deserve a more quality housing»quotes Mikhail StarHit.

Бородина и Терехин продают выигранный дом

Cottage Borodina and Terekhina. Photo:
Recall that reality «House-2» razygryvalo fully furnished house near Moscow worth about 5 million rubles last year. In the competition decided to participate itself Ksenia Borodina, which is the host of the show, because at the time was paired with his party Mikhail Terekhin. Eventually lovers have the largest number of votes - 41%. Then the young people were planning to move into their own house as soon as possible, but in the end still live in a rented apartment.


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