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The disease was the cause of the divorce of Anfisa Chekhova

Beloved man could not stand the symptoms suffered by TV presenter

Anfisa Chekhov became the guest of the program, Lera Kudryavtseva "the Secret to a million." In confidential conversation the girls were discussing diets, and Anfisa has made a confession — she was bulimic from the permanent food restrictions her character is terribly spoiled. Ex-husband, the popular actor Guram bablishvili, could not stand her tantrums. Excess weight has become an obsession in Germany, she went to the store to look for food, but could not do anything there to buy, although I wanted to.

"Be the colon, all at least 100 kg, but don't be so s***!", — asked favorite Anfisa after her next nervous breakdown.

Now Chekhov uses sugar, not eating fried, fatty, starchy foods. Although Guram extra pounds wife does not bother, but the bad character of the wife have prevented a happy family life.


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