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Surgery breast Vodonaevoy was forced

But the nose, the presenter decided to rule only in photoshop

In 2016, Alena Vodonaeva Breasts reduced from 5 to 3. Fans wondered: what's the point? On the contrary, many media persons are eager to increase their miniature shape, to look attractive, and the participant "Houses-2" the nature generously awarded large Breasts. The answer to this question found out the journalists of the newspaper "TV Program" from the doctor who performed the surgery.

"The mammary gland after pregnancy and lactation increase, the tissue loses elasticity, causing large Breasts losing shape and causing inconvenience: constant aching pain in the region of the Central spine and lumbar region", — reported in the media review of Professor Oleg Blokhin, who reduced Vodonaevoy bust. "We have adjusted Alena bust and its improved form".

According to him, surgical intervention was necessary. But from the crooked nose, Alain, in her confession, decided to only get rid of in photoshop.

"For me, girls doing rhinoplasty — heroic women. I think it's very scary," (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — wrote in Instagram Vodonaeva. "And I probably would never have dared. By the way, I do not like all without exception do the same, puppet noses."


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